Why Ufology & UFO Studies Need To Go Mainstream 4 Reasons

This video is aimed at everyone who has an interest in this subject, be they interested onlookers and amateur or professional researchers, but also those in the media, particularly journalists, who might have a professional interest but who are unaware of recent developments.
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US Navy Confirms UFO Footage, Michio Kaku, Life on Exoplanets

The US Navy changes its guidelines for the reporting of UFOs or UAPs, then confirms the videos in the media are real.  Michio Kaku suggests that the onus for proving UAPs are not extraterrestrial in origin has shifted.  Water vapour discovered on an exoplanet.

US Navy UFO Sighting Guidelines. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena UAP

The U.S. Navy is redefining how personnel should report UFO sightings.  The story can be traced to an article published on the US news website POLITICO (politico.com).  The article, written by Bryan Bender, stated that the U.S. Navy is drafting new guidelines for the reporting of UFOs.

Disclosure is happening but it's a process, not an event.

When we look back at 2019 it will be obvious that it was a year in which many things changed with the release of an unprecedented amount of information.  So much information in fact, that it's going to take a long time to process it all.