About The Course Author, Judy Kennedy

Judy Kennedy is a creative artist with an unwavering commitment to civil liberties - especially freedom of expression, continual cultivation of spiritual awareness, and a passion for principle-centered living.  A natural intuitive, her writing reveals a heightened ability to see connections between things, people and events not ordinarily discerned.

  • Author of Spiritual Practice, Occultism, and Extraterrestrial Intelligence:  A Travel Guide for Beyond the Rainbow (Paper Wings Publishing, 2004) - textbook for this course
  • Student and teacher of music, meditation, astrology and the Western Mystery Traditions since 1972 (including  affiliations with Wicca, Unity -  Church of Esoteric Christianity, and Builders of the Adytum - Temple of Tarot and Holy Qabalah)
  • Personal work and study under a Dzogchen Master and Lama in the Eastern Mystery Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a minor in Journalism and Political Science
  • Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Music, Psychology, and Philosophy)
  • Graduate studies in Music Therapy, Parapsychology, and Psychophysiology
  • Continuing certified education in Law with over 15 years experience as a legal researcher, litigation paralegal with personal trial experience
  • Successful completion of the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Ambassadors to the Universe Advanced Research Training
  • Published writer/speaker (ATM Toastmasters)
  • Naturalist, Composer, Musician, Poet, Videographer  

She currently shares a home in the rural wilderness of southern Arizona with her mate, her "kids” (a wide assortment of domesticated animals), and the beautiful, bountiful wildlife of the Sonoran Desert.  Her highly rated videos of that wildlife in its natural setting can be seen all over the Web. 

UFOs, ETs, & Mystery Schools

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