UFOs, ETs, and the Mystery Schools: Course Description

In this course, students will discover the little known connections between UFOs, ETs, and the Mystery Schools of Ageless Wisdom. They will also cultivate an understanding of the significance of those connections for the benefit of one and all.

The course includes 5 topical sections that will be studied in sequence as follows: Groundwork: Exploring the origin, purpose, and current work of the mystery schools of ageless wisdom through a modern multidisciplinary approach.

Inside the Mystery Schools: Who they are, how they teach, and their extraterrestrial origins.

Hidden History Revealed: How extraterrestrial intelligence manifests and works through the eastern and western spiritual traditions from a historical perspective. Communication: Cosmic code, sacred language, and contact. Renewing the Cosmic Connection: East meets west, Buddhist Christianity, and the return of our extraterrestrial ancestors.

UFOs, ETs, & Mystery Schools

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