1. What Are UFOs?
  2. Theories of Ancient Visitation.
  3. Into Modernity: Airships, Foo Fighters, and Flying Saucers: 1896 to 1969
  4. The Early Cover-Up, and those who fought it. 
  5. Digging Deeper: The Breakaway Civilization. 
  6. High Strangeness: UFOs from 1970 till 1990.
  7. UFOs from 1991-2012
  8. Contact and Abduction
  9. The Growth of Ufology, from the 1970s to today. 
  10. Who Are They? What Are They? What Do They Want? 
  11. Weird Science: Propulsion, Energy, Space-time, and Consciousness. 
  12. Into the Future, Into Ourselves. 

Introduction To Ufology

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