Recommended Reading For Encounters with Extraterrestrials

Human Encounters With Aliens, Mack, John E., MD, Abduction:  (New York: McMillan Co., 1944

Passport To The Cosmos - Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, Mack, John E., MD,(New York, Crown Publishers, 1999)

Healing Shattered Reality: Understanding Contactee Trauma, Bryant, Alice and Seebach, Linda, M.S.W.,(Tigard: Wildflower Press, 1991)

Close Extraterrestrial Encounters: Positive Experiences With Mysterious Visitors, Boylan, Richard, Ph.D., (Columbus: Wildflower Press, 1994)

Sacred Encounters: Spiritual Awakenings During Close Encounters Colli, Janet Elizabeth, , (Xlibris Corporation, 2004)

The Custodians: Beyond Abduction, Cannon, Dolores,  (Huntsville, Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc, 2000)

Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions, Hopkins, Budd, (Richard MarekPublisher, 1981)

Awakening: How How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Change Your Life, Rodwell, Mary, R.N.,  ( Australia: Filament Books, 2006)

Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us, Strieber, Whitley,  New York: St. Martin's Press, 1998)

The Alien Jigsaw, Wilson, Katharina,  (Portland: Puzzle Publishing, 1993)

Encounters with Extraterrestrials

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