Large Gray Aliens

Description Limited emotions. Live in the moment.  Cooperation, trust, independent yet unifed as a whole, all share thoughts. Nocturnal.  Have some emotions. Sometimes wears hooded robes.  Contact with Humans on a long-term basis. Purpose Visit and interact with earth, enhancing Humans.  Mine hydrocarbons, hydrogen, boron for food, soaking, manufacture and trade. Continue Reading

Here is the complete transcript of the message that was delivered by a voice that interrupted the early evening news on Southern Television (southern England) at 17:10hrs on November 26th 1977. This message was heard a few months after the UFO sighthings and close encounters experienced by Mrs Joyce BowlesContinue Reading

Description They are living but non-corporeal. They can become corporeal for a task.  Other races accept them when they are corporeal and when they are non-corporeal. They are of many suns and many societies and are accepted in all.  This was not always so.  They are not always in favor with otherContinue Reading

This list of non-human intelligences (alien beings, or extraterrestrials if you prefer) and their descriptions, is reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD. She is a remote viewer, researcher and author. The list was compiled by a colleague of Dr Smith’s, from interviews with non-human intelligencesContinue Reading