Aldebarans (the Fish)

Description Race that is closest to Angels.  Their name is the Fish and they have their own vocabulary.  They are many races scattered across this part of the system which includes planets that you know as Saturn and systems that you know as the Pleiades.  They are ancient and haveContinue Reading


Description Gentle race of people who are intermingled with Humans for a long time. Closer to Humans than any other race.  Consider themselves a people. Angels, Orbs and Elementals are closest to the expression of God. No races comparable with Angels although there are many like them in many aspects. Have contactContinue Reading


Description Energy, collect and carry pure information. Spiritual. Various kinds. No emotions, not positive or negative.Can transform into Human or Gray shapes but are not them. No personalities.  Some have intelligence and some are able to act independently. Not agressive.  They are able to materialize and dematerialize. They have some rights. CanContinue Reading

Description Can look like any depending on the percentage of DNA in each individual. Not Human, not Nordic, not Gray, own species. Hybridization will continue until there is no more need for Hybrids. Best balance is 50% Human, 25% Gray and 25% Nordic.   Need mineral resources to develop and subsist. HumanContinue Reading

Description White, human-like, white hair, blue eyes. Can walk among humans. Can walk among humans or be invisible.  All possess the same abilities.  Adept at Human languages and social customs.  Not as much humor or emotionality as Humans.  If there are more than one in a group, they may appear toContinue Reading

Small Gray Aliens

Description All included, all share. Biological but different than Humans. Use chlorophyll in a symbiotic way, provides energy and nutrients, bluish-gray color. Bioluminescence. They also need boron and other nutrients Earth does not have. Bright light and heat damages them so they are nocturnal. Can appear insect-like or mechanical. CannotContinue Reading